About Tarot Stars

Tarot Stars was founded by Tyler Monarch in 2006, but Tyler has been communicating with the spiritual world since she was a child.  As both a clairvoyant and a clairaudient, she is able to tap into information not readily available to most people on the Earth plane.

Tyler holds a certificate in tarot reading from a well-respected spiritual institution.  She also completed training in a highly competitive mentoring program where several expert readers guided her to develop her gifts.

Tarot Card Basics

Tarot cards are a tool that allows the user to tap into information found in the spiritual realm that might not be apparent to most people.  This insight can assist in answering questions about the past, present or future, and it provides guidance by suggesting which course of action would be the best to take in order to achieve a desired result.  The advice received is neither frightening nor suppressive.  It’s merely an omniscient way of looking at a situation from a universal perspective.

In addition, tarot readings are not negative or evil.  They just help in pinpointing what is preventing someone from moving forward to reach their goals.

Message From The Founder

“Hi, and welcome to Tarot Stars!  I’m Tyler, and I love sharing my gifts with those who need help.  The advice that we need in order to live productive and abundant lives is all around us, but sometimes, this advice is difficult to interpret.  I act as a translator, delivering messages from other dimensions to those on Earth who need guidance.

I use a standard 78-card deck.  During a reading, I’ll break down your issues, starting with your most worrisome concern.  Using the “short-card reading” method, I’ll quickly and succinctly get to the source of your problem, allowing you to get the most out of your reading.  We’ll uncover blocks or obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your highest potential.

It’s best to compile a list of questions before a session.  The more specific you can be, the clearer the guidance will be.  No one will judge you, and the Universe truly does want to help you.

Be open to the information.  The answers may not always be what you want to hear, but they will guide you to overcome any issue that’s plaguing you.  Understand that many different paths lead to your dreams.  Sometimes the best one is not always the easiest or the most obvious.

I hope to hear from you soon!”

Founder, Tarot Stars

Call Us Today

Tarot Stars is based in Hollywood, California.  Sessions can be done in person, or Tyler can read over the phone or via email for anyone outside of the area.