Healthy Habits l

When raising your vibrations, it’s important to understand certain factors that can prevent you

from operating at your highest level.  The first, is the quality of your nutritional intake.

It’s a very common mistake, when things aren’t going right—or if you’re threatened, depressed, or experiencing moments of high stress—to turn to unhealthy processed foods, that are high in sugars or salt, as coping devices, to sort of take the edge off the situation. We tend to find comfort in these foods, while at the same time creating a barrier between ourselves and the outside world.  And without question, there’s a direct correlation, between what we eat in these moments, and how well we manage our energy when the pressure’s on.        

Which, if handled incorrectly, can end up hurting us in several ways. 

1.  You end up actually deleting your energy, and putting less of your God-given talents and gifts (for what ultimately can be yours) into the universe.  Which blocks your purpose, and many times, residual opportunities.

2.  Believe it or not, you’re actually weakening your confidence, because you’re protecting yourself by hiding, instead of being strong and up to the challenge of facing the issues head on. 

3.  It’s also simply not good for you, and can lead to binge-like behaviors, and other associated ramifications, such as obesity and laziness.   

4.  And falling prey to the harsh reality of not being in the best shape, tends to crush your self esteem. And even worse: that loss of confidence can keep you from creating the much needed new energy for the drive to move forward and reach your goals.

Bottom-line: healthy habits make you vivacious, more dynamic, and simply more active; and uplift your spirit so you can spring forth, guilt-free and with pep in your step, to embrace the path before you. Whereas, unhealthy habits weigh you down, leave you unmotivated, quash your enthusiasm and destroy your desire to be seen, heard, or reckoned with.   

And making healthier choices is a major spiritual step toward achieving your life’s highest purpose.

So, eat well, live well, sleep well, and be happy.  And get on with the business of getting things accomplished. 

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