As we head down the path of our lives, we are subjected to energy build-ups. These overloads of energy cause confusion and cloudiness of thought, as well as blocks in timing.

That said, it is incredibly important to maintain a perfect balance of energy. Or we will miss out on Divine timing, regarding destiny like occurrences that are meant for us. Just as we can sometimes get behind in our daily activities and end up skipping events, we can also get ahead of ourselves, and hence, if we are not properly aligned with the correct timing with the universe,  we will miss out on much more than we ever thought possible. 

A closed heart will miss having a feeling to act on something that can be an opportunity. Not having that instinctive push or following that certain gut feeling, will prevent you from going to

where you are actually meant to be lead.  Over-thinking causes build-ups of stress, and thus, the mind becomes unclear, in terms of making proper decisions. You just will not have the necessary clarity to figure things out. These are all examples of becoming unbalanced. 

Ways you can get re-balanced is through Chakra Work, Energy Healings, Yoga, Investing In Special Energizing Crystals, and Listening To Binaural Beats. Which, I will get into a little more extensively in blogs to come. 

An important thing to remember is this: if you seem stuck in your life, have money problems, or are simply just depressed, chances are you are having a block of overwhelming energy in one area or another, that is resulting in your judgment or your intuition being clouded.  And if that’s the case, the first thing you need to do, is take some time off, and focus on taking care of you.  You really need to treat like you would any other illness.  And once you’re re-balanced you’ll quickly see the difference between where you’re at and where you’re headed, and how truly astonishing it will be, to be able to make important changes in your life.

Until next time, this is Mistress Tyler wishing you all happy times and good spiritual health.


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