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In today’s discussion, I’d like to delve into the topic of spiritual timing. Throughout our lives, we all know that there are lessons we need to learn.  However, there’s less importance being placed on how to grow within the spirit.  And as we journey forward, it’s imperative to understand that timing is simply your own personal relationship with a synchronistic contemporaneousness with the universe, and what truly ‘is’.  So, therefore, you cannot let society’s worldly influences allow you to feel like you’re being left behind in your own life. In other words: you are set to your own pace, and nobody else’s.  And if you’re too focused on where you should be by this “age”or another, you quite possibly could be missing your rhythm for your life’s purpose. Personally, I have decided to take age and expectation on in terms of when things should happen, by tuning into ‘my perfect time’, instead.  It’s actually astonishing to me how upset people get when I do not offer up information about my age.  It creates such rage. And the need for comparison. When my time is much better spent on gaining a foothold on my own personal timing. What you’re really after is your heart’s desire.  And to serve that, one can start by looking deep into your own soul. Identify what’s missing and apply a direction of need. When you focus on that, you just might see that you’re back on track before you even know it. In fact, nothing resets your soul like truly listening to what is it you’re really after, and then getting back on your timing and seeing where that alignment takes you.   Until next time, here’s hoping that we are all in synch and cosmically aligned. Mistress Tyler,  Unabashedly unafraid of arching her back in the dark while riding the lightening.   


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