Tarot Card Reading

Readings involve a simple question and answer process regarding any and all subjects.  Occasionally, information may be received from other sources, including my crystal ball, your spirit guides or your deceased relatives.  These other sources do not always provide information and cannot be accessed separately.

Readings can be scheduled any day of the week during the morning or afternoon.  Depending on the number of questions or the complexity of the issues, readings typically last 45 minutes to an hour.

Tarot Card readings typically cost $85.  If you require more time to dive deeply into an issue, the charge may be higher.  Please inquire before proceeding.

One Question Reading

This reading can be a stand-alone question or a follow-up question to a reading already completed.

One Question readings are $15.

Tarot Card Reading & Intention Box

This service includes the reading as well as a special Intention Box, which is custom made for your needs.  Typical boxes include a candle, altar cloth, affirmation and other items that are combined to address a particular issue or situation that may be ongoing in your life.  Clear directions are provided to ensure you are able to open the energy flow to assist you in your ongoing healing and to reach your goals.

The Intention Box is created after your reading and is customized specifically for your unique circumstances.  Since the box is custom made, please allow two weeks for shipping.

Intention Boxes range from $35 to $65 and are added on to the cost of the Tarot Card reading.

Gypsy Tea Readings

Consult the bottom of the cup. See what the leaves have to tell.

Readings individually are $35 or add this on to any other reading package for $20

Call Us Today

Tarot Stars is based in Hollywood, California.  Sessions can be done in person, or Tyler can read over the phone or via email for anyone outside of the area.